CZee® Networks – For Military Barracks and ResNet for Campus Dorms

Wi-Fi Networks and Internet Access for the U.S. Military Community, College Campus Dormitories and Academic Facilities.

RESOLUTE Partners has been providing safe, secure, reliable, fast Public Internet access to the military community and military clients since its inception in 1997.

Most of our networks provide pay-to-use access, but many allow free access with or without authentication. Our CZee Networks locations are linked through our secure Data Center in Connecticut. This allows customers to use their personal accounts at different CZee service locations on one base or as they move from one base to another. For example, a member account purchased and used at Keesler Air Force Base will also work at all of our locations at Ft. Knox.

In selected locations we operate CZee CyberZone computer centers. These centers provide PCs linked to the Internet for troops who may not have a laptop or smart phone. The centers are  managed by the same OSS we use for Wi-Fi access.

By integrating proven technologies with innovative system design and configuration, the broadband networks RESOLUTE installs and manages experience extremely high uptime with minimal interruption. Working with leading technology and equipment providers, our HSIA and Wi-Fi solutions are optimized for performance, value and to meet a specific facility’s needs.

The Right Solution
Wireless or wired. We deliver Internet connectivity through the latest wireless technologies. However, depending on your facility, we can connect users with wired solutions or a combination wired and Wi-Fi. Using our network OSS, VersiWorks, we can accommodate virtually any network configuration.

After a site review, we’ll recommend the network solution and level of technology that is most appropriate and cost efficient for your facilities.

Public area solutions allow for content filtering to limit exposure to objectionable material while unrestricted access can be specified for private, personal areas. With optional firewall hardware, we can offer protection against unauthorized intrusions and damaging virus attacks.

Engineering and Installation
We can handle every aspect of your installation. From bandwidth provisioning to on-going support. We will work with you to design the system with the features and level of management you require. Once a Statement of Work is created and approved, we’ll work quickly to get your system installed, switched on, tested, and fully operational.