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Resolute Partners

RESOLUTE Partners Adds Canandaigua & Boise to Growing List of VGIA Locations

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RESOLUTE Partners, as part of the Four Points Technology team, is proud to announce it has been selected to install Veteran and Guest Internet Access (VGIA) service at two additional VA medical campuses: Canandaigua, New York and Boise, Idaho. Now than ever before, the Veteran Affair (VA) Medical Center (MC) is fully committed to meeting the needs of its patients, their families, guests, and staff: the need to communicate with loved ones and to access services via the Internet while receiving medical support on its premises. Read More

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Why You Need A Pre-Site Survey for Your RF Network

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While most of you have heard of a site survey, you may not know about a Pre-Site Survey Questionnaire (PSSQ. This survey assesses project goals, key players and decision makers, budget/funding, time line, network usage, building infrastructure and many other complications, that might come up. This information is essential for planning, network design and a cost effective execution. While not proprietary, we utilize this document for every project and it’s refered to throughout the entire process and is why it’s essential to have a pre-site survey before a site survey is performed. Read More

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Considering an Upgrade to Your RF Network?

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You’ve decided it’s time to update your Radio Frequency (RF) wireless network to take advantage of the latest technologies such as dual radio APs, enhanced throughput and improved device connectivity. Moreover, you’ve realized that with the growing use of BYO wireless devices, it’s critically important that your network can support your enterprise applications as well as your users’ personal wireless devices.  Read More

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What is Wi-FM?

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No, it’s not a typo. We said Wi-FM. As wireless spectrum continues to become more and more scarce, to the point where there are now incentives for federal agencies to give some up, and connection issues continue to plague users, researchers are looking for ways to extend wireless access and make it faster through different means – like radio frequencies. Read More