Broadband for Every Resident

Helping Municipalities Bring Broadband to Residents.


Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 8.24.12 PMRESOLUTE Partners is an ideal partner for those municipalities and counties looking to bring a municipal broadband network to an increased number of residents. RESOLUTE designs and engineers a range of wired and wireless network solutions, including fiber to home and multi-tower, point-to-multipoint wireless networks, effectively delivering broadband Internet access to all corners of a given region, even the most rural, utilizing two decades of experience with complex and important military networks.

RESOLUTE’s broadband solution includes strategically placed communications towers supporting a high capacity wireless backbone. The wireless backbone delivers broadband Internet access to individual homes and provides capacity for new information and entertainment services in the future.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 8.16.39 PMRESOLUTE Partners broadband networks are managed through our Network Operations Support System (OSS), VersiWorksTM which makes it easy to configure, manage and monitor all network hardware and customer premise equipment, control network access and authenticate subscribers.

Typically, RESOLUTE Partners works with a local telecom provider whose service technicians install the customer premise equipment and support the residential side of the network. RESOLUTE’s engineers and tech help desk team coordinate technical support, maintenance and repair.

Building a broadband network requires pulling together many disciplines, such as engineering, construction, operations, finance and billing. If you’re an individual or agency who is leading a broadband installation project for your municipality then you may find the following guidelines helpful in determining things like:

– Wired vs. wireless broadband? Which areas should be wired, wireless?
– How to address a difficult environment, terrain
– How to address changing seasons, vegetation
– Working with metallic structures
– Navigating around existing wireless networks
– Considerations for tower construction
– Choosing wireless spectrum

A RESOLUTE sales engineer would be pleased to meet with you to review your specific needs and determine how your customers can gain access to the Internet and enhanced information and entertainment services. Feel free to contact us here.