Network Engineering is in our DNA.

Strategic Consulting for Network Design & Engineering

RESOLUTE Partners designs, engineers, installs, operates and manages a complete range of IP based communications solutions. Each is designed to offer an enhanced experience for end users, improve operating efficiencies, reduce costs and create new business opportunities for our customers.

FTIG-Area-12-layout-crop-webHigh Capacity Broadband Wireless Backhaul and End User Infrastructure

  • Applications include MDU, campus, retail and office park environments

High Security Fixed Wireless Connectivity for Energy Management and Control

  • Industry specific, custom networks for utilities, energy management solution
providers and hardware manufacturers

Network Management and Access Control

  • VersiWorksTM OSS supports WISPs and large enterprise networks
  • Compatible with network hardware  from all leading manufacturers
  • Cost efficient Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • AAA database authentication, access control and payment platform

Project Management and Technical Documentation

  • Highly organized, process driven managers keep projects on track and on budget
  • Every aspect of each project is fully documented from inception through completion

Technical Support and Customer Care

  • Knowledgeable, trained support staff ready to keep your network up and running

Project Management and Documentation

RESOLUTE’s Project Management Group, using industry accepted best practices, is dedicated to orchestrating customer projects flawlessly. From initial concept and approved scope of work through to completion and customer acceptance.

Process Outline


RESOLUTE account managers work closely with the customer to develop the initial project objective and a general scope of work, budget and estimated timeline.


The project road map is developed with the creation of key planning documents such as the final, detailed scope of work, project plan, resource plan, procurement plan and on-site work plan. These plans will be reviewed and any modifications will be incorporated.


With plan approval, project execution begins.  During this phase, all deliverables are listed and the execution timeline is built.  Deliverables and expectations, including terms for change control, will be communicated and terms of acceptance will be established. RESOLUTE closely monitors and controls all aspects of the project to manage time, cost, quality, inventory, suppliers and customers. Regular status updates are provided to all. This phase is complete once all the scope of work deliverables are completed, service becomes operational and the customer accepts of the project.


Project Management coordinates the assembly of all project related documentation. Every detail is defined, diagrammed and catalogued for on-going reference. Complete “as built” documentation facilitates technical support and provides a baseline for future modifications or changes.

Project Closure

Project completion details will be clearly communicated to the customer and RESOLUTE departments. If RESOLUTE is providing follow-on customer care, the new installation will be incorporated into ongoing service and support systems. On closure, RESOLUTE completes a post project review with the customer to identify areas of improvement.