Secure Wireless Networks for EMCS.

Energy Management and Control Systems

RESOLUTE Partners specializes in energy management information systems (EMIS), including wireless network engineering design and infrastructure to meet the needs of the rapidly growing energy management and control market. Partnering with industry leaders such as Johnson Controls, Southern California Edison, Honeywell, Rockwell and GE we help them to offer the latest technology solutions to more efficiently and cost effectively manage climate, power and electrical systems across an enterprise.

“Energy Management and Control Systems for Custom Network Engineering, Installation and Management.”

RESOLUTE Partners provides energy management and control systems networks that offer extreme reliability, high availability and secure connectivity. These custom wireless networks are designed to connect a full range of energy control devices with a centralized management database and various control applications. Wireless network connectivity for energy management is the ideal solution for multi-building campus style environments such as military bases, colleges, prep schools or commercial office parks.


EMCS & Campus Environments

The college or prep school campus, the multi-dwelling unit development and the commercial office park have a great deal in common with the U.S. military communities we serve. All are undertaking programs to better manage and control energy usage in multiple, diverse buildings across a campus like environment.

The Challenge

The challenge for today’s facility manager is connecting a wide array of disparate monitoring and control devices to a reliable, robust network capable of not only reporting data back to a central control center, but also sending control instructions back through the network to those devices. The savings in dollars and reduced carbon footprint by signaling devices to automatically adjust temperatures, limit power consumption and re-direct energy resources is well documented. RESOLUTE Partners has a proven solution to help facility managers meet that challenge.

Many of these institutions already have existing network infrastructures that can meet the challenge. Others have outdated, incomplete networks or limited capacity. Some wish to separate their energy management network from the student or business network they have deployed. Some have not addressed the energy management network need at all.

Our Solution

RESOLUTE’s fixed wireless network solution, in combination with other wired network segments (fiber or Ethernet cable) can provide the needed connectivity and reduce costs associated with retro-fitting older buildings or where aerial or underground cable placement is not feasible. For example, using fixed wireless bridging, RESOLUTE can connect multiple buildings to a secure network with minimal disruption on campus. We designed, installed and support a wireless energy management network linking over 200 buildings on an expansive Marine Corps base in California. This network meets the immediate need for energy management, but has the capacity to provide connectivity for other applications – such as security, access control and communications.

The Power of Partnership

RESOLUTE will work closely with your energy management solution providers, monitor and control hardware manufacturers and energy contractors to design the optimal network configuration. Once installed, we can assume full monitoring responsibility and maintenance/repair of the network to meet the stringent specifications for data integrity, security, and uptime.

A RESOLUTE sales engineer would be pleased to meet with you to review your specific need and determine how a fixed wireless network can fit into your overall energy operations plan.


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