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29 Palms Case Study RESOLUTE Partners

Case Study: Fixed Wireless Network to Manage Energy Use at 29 Palms Marine Base

RESOLUTE Partners set up a fixed wireless network as part of an energy management system at the Marine base in Twentynine Palms, CA. The base is known formally as the MarineCorps Air Ground Combat Center, or MCAGCC, and is the largest Marine base and one of the largest military training areas in the world. Its area covers 932 square miles – more than Los Angeles and Dallas combined.

MCAGCC had an EMCS (energy management and control system) in a number of buildings connected by a fiber-based network. But fiber was proving problematic. Some sites were not in the network, and in the rest, outages were common. Fiber cables were often broken inadvertently by heavy trucks and construction crews. And if one section of the network broke, the base’s energy management team lost control of all devices connected in that loop.

Read the case study to learn how 29 Palms moved to fixed wireless and the savings and operational benefits achieved.

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Case Study: Engineering a Reliable, Scalable, IP Video Security Network for an Apartment Complex.

The Rolling Meadows Apartment Complex, Rocky Mount, NC property had no video surveillance and was experiencing criminal acts and housing rule violations. Learn how RESOLUTE Partners, with the help of its video hardware partner Avigilon, implemented a video solution network utilizing Point-to-Point wireless from ideal locations, which were transmitted back to a central location for storage and viewing.

Download and learn how sharper, smarter end-to-end video solutions can protect your organization.


seneca nation rural broadband case study RESOLUTE Partners

Case Study: Successful Installation of a Rural Broadband Network in a Mountainous Area

A bid to bring wireless Internet service to the Seneca Nation of Indians had been stalled for three years. The rural area’s geography posed too great a challenge for the construction of a wireless broadband network. After the Nation engaged Seneca Telecommunications and RESOLUTE Partners, the project took off and within a few months, several hundred Seneca households were enjoying the benefits of broadband Internet.

Read the case study to learn how RESOLUTE Partners:

  • Engineered a lasting solution in extremely difficult terrain
  • Created a powerful wireless network that could adapt to changing weather conditions
  • Worked with and guided client through regulatory landscape to project completion

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Case Study: RESOLUTE Partners brings high-speed Internet to private school

Holy Cross High School’s current network was built on an ad-hoc network infrastructure with limited accessibility and capacity around the building. Set up approximately 15 years ago, it had evolved over time based on immediate needs and often with donated equipment. It was antiquated and primitive by today’s standards.

Learn how RESOLUTE Partners engineered an advanced wireless solution for a private school of 675 students and faculty in 6 weeks.

Model RFP for Wi-Fi RESOLUTE Partners

Guide Helps You Write a Better RFP for Wi-Fi Network Installation

Getting ready to design and install a building- or campus-wide Wi-Fi network? Our Guide to Creating an RFP for Wi-Fi Networks is a valuable resource that will help you to capture your technical and business requirements and specify how potential partners should bid for your business. Using the recommendations in our guide will ensure you communicate effectively with bidders and receive comprehensive and consistent bids, enabling you to confidently make a decision about who should build your network.

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City manager's guide to rural broadband networks

Tips for the City Manager: Building a Broadband Network in Your Rural Community

Building a broadband network requires pulling together many disciplines, such as engineering, construction, operations, finance and billing. In this exclusive guide based on our 17 years of experience with wireless networks, we offer valuable guidelines on engineering and operations for city managers who are leading broadband installation projects in rural areas.

Get the “City Manager’s Guide” to help you more confidently specify and select a partner to engineer and build your rural broadband network.

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RESOLUTE Partners Wireless Integrator Capabilities Statement

RESOLUTE Partners Advanced Wireless Networks Capabilities Statement

Wireless networks meet demanding mission critical objectives, improve operating efficiencies, reduce costs and create platforms for emerging applications and new technologies from energy management and controls to the “Internet of Things.” RESOLUTE’s operational experience and depth of technical knowledge allow us to respond quickly to changing customer needs and industry standards.

Download our Capabilities Statement today.

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RESOLUTE Partners Energy Management Information Systems Capabilities Statement

RESOLUTE Partners has provided federal and commercial buildings and campuses with reliable and secure wired and RF networks to support energy management information systems (EMIS), including connectivity for meters, sensors and control applications. Working with facility and Resource Energy Managers (REMs), RESOLUTE helps to define: goals, challenges, cost saving design, best of breed hybrid architecture, and potential infrastructure limitations. Download RESOLUTE’s complete capabilities statement here.

OSS for Wi-Fi Versiworks RESOLUTE Partners

Versiworks – the Enterprise Class OSS for Wi-FiTM

With a powerful database structure as a foundation and innovative management software, VersiWorks is a SaaS (Software as a Service) product designed to meet the demanding needs of your public Internet access network today. And tomorrow.

VersiWorks was developed for the RESOLUTE Partners’ Internet Café and recreational computing business serving the U.S. military community world wide including Iraq and Kuwait. The system evolved to manage and operate RESOLUTE’s growing network of wired and wireless installations, handling thousands of cash and credit transactions each month. The current release of VersiWorks integrates and manages a full range of IP based services.

Download the Versiworks brochure today.

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