Broadband Internet for Rural Areas

Bringing the Internet to Underserved Communities.


Through its Rural Broadband services, RESOLUTE Partners delivers broadband connectivity to rural, difficult to access terrain. RESOLUTE designs and engineers multi-tower, point-to-multipoint wireless networks to effectively deliver broadband Internet access to where traditional Internet service is not available and satellite or 3G/4G service is unreliable.

Internet access is an important and necessary service to enable residents in rural communities to fully participate in the information economy. RESOLUTE Partners builds upon its wireless network experience with military installations to design, build and support these complex and important networks.

Rural Broadband Exterior Home AntennaRESOLUTE’s rural broadband solution includes strategically placed communications towers supporting a high capacity wireless backbone. The wireless backbone delivers broadband Internet access to individual homes and provides capacity for new information and entertainment services in the future. Typical customer premise equipment includes an exterior antenna and an indoor gateway. The gateway allows customers to easily connect multiple wireless devices to the Internet and create a home network for smart phones, tablets, laptops and streaming video devices such as Apple TV and ROKU. The gateway also features a LAN port for ethernet cable connections.

RESOLUTE Partners rural broadband networks are managed through our Network Operations Support System (OSS), VersiWorksTM. VersiWorks makes it easy to configure, manage and monitor all network hardware and customer premise equipment, control network access and authenticate subscribers. This cloud based platform used by RESOLUTE to manage its own Wi-Fi network of 4000 devices covering 60,000 dorm/barrack rooms on more than 30 U.S. military bases across the country.

Typically, RESOLUTE Partners works with a local telecom provider whose service technicians install the customer premise equipment and support the residential side of the network. RESOLUTE engineers and tech help desk team coordinate technical support, maintenance and repair while the RESOLUTE call center provides responsive customer care.

A RESOLUTE sales engineer would be pleased to meet with you to review your specific need and determine how your customers in hard-to-service areas can gain access to the Internet and enhanced information and entertainment services.