Video Surveillance and Access Control

Cost-effectively and intelligently protect all of your valuable assets.

RESOLUTE Partners has already been providing high reliability, cost efficient Wi-Fi networks and Internet access for U.S. Military communities, hospitals, office parks, public spaces, college campus dormitories and academic facilities. We have now partnered with Avigilon and other leading companies to apply this technology in the video security arena. This allows isolated locations to be brought under one network.

bldg 5 2Advanced features with Megapixel Cameras and analytics.

Industry leading megapixel cameras provide superior image quality with more coverage. We offer these cameras with analytics providing features like motion, shape and facial recognition and object detection.

Integrate existing video systems, Access Controls and Alarms.

Current analog or IP video systems, access controls and alarms can be integrated and managed more effectively. This provides central monitoring for command and control and faster response times. High-Definition Stream Management regulates bandwidth usage to not overburden the network while preserving image integrity.


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Get more from software that allows for simple searching, archiving and exporting of events. Sharing video between multiple users or outside agencies has never been easier. Alerts and rules can be setup with email notification. Remote viewing of live video on workstations or any mobile device.

End to End Solutions.

Our experts are here to help you design, install, operate, monitor and maintain a system that fits your organizations individual needs. Contact us here.

Visit the link below to learn more about how RESOLUTE Partner’s helped an apartment complex design, engineer and install a premium video security infrastructure and network.